2014 – New systems from d&b audiotechnik

Some exciting recent releases from d&b..

The D80 Amplifier

More refined than anything before, the powerful four channel D80 amplifier sits right at the very heart of any d&b audiotechnik system’

Capable of delivering up to 4000W per output, the 4-channel, 2U D80 is a new standard in energy efficient, high-power amplification. The Class D amplifier utilizes a switch mode power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC). The output capability of the D80 is largely independent from voltage variations caused by substandard electrical sources, and optimum system performance will still be maintained when running from heavily loaded mains supplies.

Powerful DSP is included, to provide loudspeaker configurations for the entire d&b range. All functions can be accessed via a colour touch-screen TFT display on the front panel, and also via the d&b Remote Network and R1 software, which now runs on PC and Mac.

For more details; http://www.dbaudio.com/systems/details/d80-amplifier.html

The xC Column Loudspeakers

The d&b White Range of integration / installation systems has been expanded with the new xC Series, bringing the same exacting d&b qualities to the column loudspeaker.

The 16C, 24C and 24C-E are all designed for integration into difficult acoustic and aesthetic environments, from houses of worship to conference halls, auditoriums and public spaces; anywhere where the requirement for high speech intelligibility is matched by visual demands. Featuring mechanically steerable HF sections, midrange waveguides and damped rear ports, the xC Series are true cardioid loudspeakers, with up to 18 dB in rear attenuation, resulting in excellent pattern control and increased gain-before-feedback.

For more details; http://www.dbaudio.com/systems/category/series/white-range/xc-series.html