Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

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CDMOSCD4010Claddagh Records, record stores and online.
VinylDIV 048LPDiverse Vinyl


With words about Brian Jones borrowed from Pete Townshend on the exquisite lament ‘Heaven Help Us and album cover art by Tim Staffell (whose departure from Smile was instrumental in the formation of Queen) ‘rock’ reference points abound

But ‘If You Leave’ very much follows the pattern of Eleanor’s previous releases in focusing on matters of the heart, albeit with a twist that ‘neo-retro’ sums up nicely.  **** GET READY TO ROCK

Track listing

1. Land in the Water
2. Don’t Blame the Tune
3. God Only Knows
4. Listen to Me
5. Ache in My Heart
6. Heaven Help Us
7. If You Leave
8. Lift the Wings
9. Secret of Living
10. I Wish You the Best
11. True Colors
12. Dust My Broom