Renowned for her intimate, emotional and uplifting performances, celebrated Irish musician Eleanor McEvoy released her 10th studio album, ‘If You Leave…’, on May 6th 2013.

The inspiration behind McEvoy’s new album came after reading a magazine feature that told the story about Brian Jones’ role in “bringing The Rolling Stones together and helping them pursue an authentic blues sound.” McEvoy said, “Whilst I was preparing this album, I read this wonderful feature in MOJO. It was the spark that started the fire, and I started revisting some classic 60s albums by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, stuff like that. Not only is there a wonderful simplicity, clarity and depth to the sound, it was a very lucky era, in which it was acceptable to be both innovative and very successful. I wouldn’t presume to emulate such great music, but let us say their creativity haunted our recording.”

For the sessions, McEvoy recruited the talentsof Grammy award-winning songwriter Jimmy Smyth on guitar, keyboard player James Delaney (Chuck Berry, Clannad), bassists Paul Moore (Van Morrison) & Eoghan O’Neill (Chris Rea, Moving Hearts) and drummer Des Lacey (Katie Melua), with special guests Brian Connor on piano and David Agnew on oboe.

McEvoy is also joined by guest vocalist Mary Coughlan, Gemma Hayes and Hermione Hennessy with Sharon Shannon on the accordion for the song ‘Secret of Living’. The song was written especially by McEvoy for a run of nine sell-out shows at The Olympia in Dublin to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album ‘A Woman’s Heart’, the third biggest-selling album in Irish chart history which helped to establish McEvoy as a star in her home country. McEvoy said, “I thought I should write a song for all the performers who were going to be featured in the show, something like The Outlaws or The Traveling Wilburys, where everyone gets a chance to sing.”

Amongst the twelve songs on ‘If You Leave…’ there are four cover versions, including The Beach Boys’ ‘God Only Knows’, Lift The Wings’ from the theatre show Riverdance, the Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly penned song ‘True Colors’ and Elmore James’ ‘Dust My Broom’. The latter serves as the album’s encore and is McEvoy’s salute to Brian Jones, who is believed to have taught his contemporaries the blues standard’s slide guitar part.

To support the release of ‘If You Leave…’, Eleanor McEvoy will play the following UK tour dates:

(* appearing as special guest with Paul Kelly)

(** appearing as special guest with Lisbee Stainton)

11th April – Southampton, The Brook *

12th April – London, Cadogan Hall *

14th April – Glasgow, The Arches *

16th April – Dublin, Unitarian Church *

22nd May – Glasgow, The Glad Café

23rd May – Motherwell, Berits and Brown

25th & 26th May – Portsoy, Haal Festival,

23rd June – Colchester, Wivenhoe House Hotel

17th Aug – Dorchester Forever Sun festival

1st & 2nd Nov – Denholm Folk Festival Scotland

7th November Bromsgrove, The Artrix **

8th November Durham, Gala **

9th November Leeds, City Varieties **

10th November Canterbury, Gulbenkian **

12th November Hereford, Courtyard **

13th November Bury St. Edmunds, The Apex **

14th November Chesham, Elgiva **

15th November Southport, The Atkinson **

19th November London, Cecil Sharp House **

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‘If You Leave…’ – Eleanor McEvoy’s track-by-track guide:

1. LAND IN THE WATER – “Dave Rotheray from the Beautiful South and myself do a lot of co-writing. This one, in fact was started by Dave and Nat Johnson and I joined in to finish it off. Like space travel, some lives shoot way up and come crashing back down, a forceful and unusual lyric to kick off the album. (Nat sings it on Dave’s “Life Of Birds” album)”

2. DONT BLAME THE TUNE – “I intended this to be in that Blues/Soul tradition from the Deep South. It’s mainly saying “Don’t kid yourself Sweetheart, those harsh words aren’t from my musical tools – they’re from me.”  The band nearly took it as far as the Bayou!”

3. GOD ONLY KNOWS – “You can’t copy the Beach Boys, but you can sing a beautiful lyric. What makes this special, is the extraordinary piano playing. Brian Wilson’s song, Brian Connor’s playing…I’m a lucky girl.”

4. LISTEN TO ME – “One of those mid-relationship songs of frustration, but like a doctor, I can’t say who it’s about.”

5. ACHE IN MY HEART – “Ditto! Coy voice, venemous content! The glockenspiel gives it a retro feel.”

6. HEAVEN HELP US – “The reaction to a tragedy of a life cut short or a terrible event, it could be about anybody or anything, but I borrowed some words that Pete Townsend used about Brian Jones.”

7. IF YOU LEAVE… – “I originally wrote this song for, and was inspired by, Leanne Moore, an Irish singer with a very powerful voice. It was a ballad but it’s more of a groove now. It depicts, whether for a short time or eternity, the terrible pain of seperation.”

8. LIFT THE WINGS – “Along with its dramatic dancing  and stunning instrumental music Riverdance has  some very special songs. This one is in a scene called ‘An American Wake’, which portrays a post-famine tradition when people said goodbye to loved ones emigrating, assuming they would never meet again. Bill Whelan  (the composer) asked me to sing it at a recent Orchestral Celebration of his music. He added a new verse, which I sang then, and include here.”

9. SECRET OF LIVING – “A Dublin promoter put together some concerts for the 20th anniversary of  the “A Woman’s Heart” album. I thought I should write a song for all the performers who were going to be featured in the show, something like ‘The Outlaws’ or ‘The Traveling Wilburys” where everyone gets a chance to sing. So I am lucky to have Mary Coughlan, Gemma Hayes and Hermione Hennessy as the guest singers and the one and only Sharon Shannon on the accordion.” (This song is also on “Woman’s Heart – The 20th Anniversary”)

10. I WISH YOU THE BEST – “This was going to be called “The Separation Waltz” but it seemed too harsh. Despite the misery of relationship breakdown, the singer bears no grudge.”

11. TRUE COLORS – “I was asked to do this on a radio show and it seemed to go down really well. The Beatles or The Stones would often have a more reflective slow track where they might use a string quartet,  french horn or whatever. I wrote an oboe part for the unique David Agnew from the RTE Concert Orchestra.”

12. DUST MY BROOM – “According to many sources, including the recent article in MOJO, Brian Jones was the one who taught his contemporaries the slide guitar part on this blues standard. It’s my salute to him and it’s ‘If You Leave…’s encore.”

“Thanks – see you all again”  ELEANOR xox


At long last Eleanor McEvoy’s epic and inspiring album “SNAPSHOTS” is available as a limited COLLECTORS EDITION. (MOSACD305)

A pivotal album in her career, this is the moment when Eleanor moved from a band format to a singular creation and vision of her own music.

Says McEvoy “It was getting more than a little frustrating being just a member of a band that happened to carry my name. I felt a need to take charge of my music and create it in the way I wanted it to go.”

Legendary producer Rupert Hine provided the space, momentum and the production role for this most original work. Recorded in a chateau in France and in the amazing “Victorian/Modernist architectural clash” that is Metropolis studios in London, this is her most structural musical endeavour

The album is best known for the YouTube hit “Sophie” the mini drama “Did You Tell Him?” the pure velvet of “Wrapping Me Up in Luxury”, , the ode to slaughtered Irish journalist Veronica Guerin “Easy to Lose Hope” and the wonderful tongue in cheek country of “Please Heart, You’re Killing Me” (co-written with Rodney Crowell).

This new COLLECTORS EDITION has been totally re-mastered from the original mix tapes by Ian Cooper and is available on June 15th 2009 after being bizarrely missing from the retail racks for too many years. The disc is a hybrid stereo CD/SACD playable on all CD players.

Strangely, this is her only album, on which she does not play violin, (before the overdub sessions she was attacked and her hand was broken whilst walking down the street on the way home from the studio). Luckily, recovery was complete.

The player line up includes:

Eleanor McEvoy: vocals

Rupert Hine: keyboards

Pino Paladino: bass (Paul Young, The Who etc)

Phil Palmer: guitar (Elton John, Tears for Fears etc)

Ian Thomas: drums (Eric Clapton etc)

Snake Davis: (M People)

The London Session Orchestra: (arrangements Eleanor McEvoy)