Eleanor McEvoy

Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

FormatCat. No.Availability
CDMSMCD127Diverse Vinyl, Claddagh Records, record stores and online.
(Eleanor McEvoy Special Edition with bonus tracks)


Eleanor’s big hit first album with A Woman’s Heart

Track listing

  1. Finding My Self Lost Again
  2. Only A Woman’s Heart
  3. Apologise
  4. Boundaries Of Your Mind
  5. For You
  6. Go Now
  7. It’s Mine
  8. Not Quite Love
  9. Promises We Keep
  10. Music Of It All
  11. Leave Her Now
  12. Breathing Hope
  13. Stray Thoughts
  14. Et C’est Bien
  15. Wilderness
  16. Cat’s Eyes
  17. Corazon de Mujer