Naked Music

Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

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CDMOSCDCladdagh Records, record stores and online.
VINYLDIV 052 LPDiverse Vinyl
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“A display of emotion and intimacy as naked as the title suggests, this CD happens to sound astounding too.” Ken Kessler

For more about artist Chris Collon see IAP Fine Art. For the painting of Naked Music see Chris Gollon Naked Music.

Track listing


1. Wrong So Wrong
2. Dreaming Of Leaving
3. Deliver Me
4. Whisper A Prayer To The Moon
5. Heaven Help Us
6. Land In The Water
7. Please Heart You’re Killing Me


8. The DJ
9. Lubbock Woman
10. Look Like Me
11. Half Out Of Habit
12. Isn’t It A Little Late
13. Oft In The Stilly Night
14. The Thought Of You