Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

FormatCat. No.Availability
CDMOSCD408Claddagh Records, record stores and online.
VINYLDIV 023 LPDiverse Vinyl
SACDMOSCD308 (with bonus track)Diverse Vinyl, Claddagh Records, record stores and online.


THE STAR I’d Rather Go Blonde *****
Contagious single Look Like Me sets the tone for what follows and it comes together perfectly.

Track listing

  1. Look Like Me
  2. Just For The Tourists
  3. I’d Rather Go Blonde
  4. Away From You
  5. Deliver Me (From What You Do)
  6. Shibboleth
  7. Take You Home
  8. The Thought Of You
  9. Harbour
  10. For Avoidance Of Any Doubt
  11. Good Times