Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

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CDMOSCD409Claddagh Records, record stores and online.


SUNDAY BUSINESS POST “The stark acoustics fit the material perfectly, foregrounding McEvoy’s plaintive vocals and highlighting the emotional turmoil that is at the centre of her best work. This is a small but perfectly formed album

Track listing

  1. Did I Hurt You?
  2. Harbour
  3. I’ll Be Willing
  4. What’s Her Name
  5. You’ll Hear Better Songs (Than This)
  6. Sophie
  7. Just For The Tourists
  8. Days Roll By
  9. For Avoidance of Any Doubt
  10. Only A Woman’s Heart
  11. Did You Tell Him
  12. Eve of Destruction
  13. You’ll Hear Better Songs (Than This) (Bonus track, acoustic version)