Artist: Eleanor McEvoy

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CDEMCD1Claddagh Records, record stores and online.
SACD / CDEMSACD1Diverse Vinyl, Claddagh Records, record stores and online.
VINYLMOSV102Diverse Vinyl


Yola, the fourth album by this brilliant guitarist/singer/songwriter, McEvoy’s best release to date.
Mix Magazine USA Cool Spins

Track listing

  1. I’ve got you to see me through
  2. Isn’t it a little late?
  3. Did I Hurt You?
  4. Seasoned Love
  5. The Rain Falls Down
  6. Dreaming of Leaving
  7. Easy in Love
  8. Last seen October 9th
  9. Leaves me Wondering
  10. I hear you breathing in
  11. Something so Wonderful