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The Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin.

Since it’s opening in 2008, The Science Gallery has become established as a must-see in Dublin city. Housed in world – famous Trinity College, it’s a place ‘where art and science collide’. The venue features cuting-edge and fun science exhibits year-round, and also hosts workshops, debates, get-togethers, discussions, and regular appearances by innovators in science, technology, computing, and the arts. It’s no wonder over one million people have visited since it’s opening, making it one of the top ten free tourist attractions in Ireland!

Nestled in the venue complex is the Paccar Theatre, a 144 – seat lecture hall / theatre space. During a recent re-fit, a requirement for a sound reinforcement system upgrade was identified and technical manager Derek Williams contacted Kevin McGing at MOSCO, who specified d&b E8 loudspeakers for the room. A d&b D6 amplifier was installed in the house rack to drive the system, with the E8’s flown left and right. The results were a significant increase in system headroom and gain-before feedback with the various lectern and lavalier mics in use, and superb music playback quality from the E8’s extended low-end response.


Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork.

The beautiful Everyman Palace in Cork city is a treasure amongst Irish theatres. With it’s beautiful late-Victorian architecture, the 650 – seat venue is a favourite with audiences and production companies for it’s intimate atmosphere. Opened in 1897, the theatre plays host to a variety of home – grown and overseas touring theatre, and is a key venue in the annual world-renowned Guinness Jazz Festival.

In mid 2013 while the theatre was researching a possible sound system upgrade, Corn Exchange Theatre of Dublin visited with their award-winning show ‘Man Of Valour’, touring a d&b audiotechnik sound system from MOSCO Sound. The Everyman’s technical manager Mark Donovan was immediately impressed with the neat size and high power of the Q-Series system, and with MOSCO’s Kevin McGing set about designing a system for the Everyman based around Q-Series components.

The installation had to be sympathetic to the listed interior architectural features of the 116-year old theatre; no fixings to the structure were allowed; so a free-standing system was devised of Q-SUBs and Q7s for the stalls area, which also gives the flexibility to re-configure the system as different production designs  require. The balcony area is covered by a further two Q7 loudspeakers, while MAX12 speakers are used for on-stage sound.

The system is powered by d&b D6 amplifiers, which also take care of EQ and delay for the various elements.

A Yamaha LS9-32 digital console was also installed and can be operated from one of two FOH positions, while a range of high-quality microphones, cables and other accessories complete the impressive spec.

The Everyman is now facing the future with a top-quality sound inventory; here’s to many more successful years for this Cork icon!


The Spirit Store, Dundalk.

MOSCO and d&b have long had a happy relationship with Dundalk’s Spirit Store. This wonderfully atmospheric little venue has punched way above its weight for many years, a shining light for live music on Ireland’s east coast, attracting big names and nurturing home-grown and local talent alike. In 2005, The Spirit Store took the step of installing a state-of-the-art d&b Qi-Series system, which made this much-loved venue even more popular with bands and fans in the years that followed.

However in 2013, the Spirit Store’s indomitable Mark Deary again took a brave step, expanding and renovating the premises to make it more comfortable, more intimate, and more enjoyable for all, and to keep it at the forefront of the live music scene.

Again, MOSCO was on hand to assist with a sound system upgrade to suit the new, bigger main room. Oran Burns, the Spirit Store’s former engineer and now of d&b GB, also took a keen interest in his old stomping ground, contributing to the system design. The existing Qi7s were retained and re-mounted in improved positions, and the complement of Qi-SUBs was doubled to four; overall system headroom and low-end response was improved. With a new, wider stage profile, an E8 loudspeaker was also flown as a centre near-field fill, driven by a D6 amplifier. Additional outboard equipment and a complete audio and lighting re-wire completed the technical re-vamp, while the building itself sported a clean new look inside and out. The new venue reopened in March 2013 with a headline performance by Damien Dempsey.

With that, house engineer Derek Turner could finally relax..


d&b audiotechnik V-Series.

Take the widely coveted consistent mids and vocal presence of the d&b audiotechnik J-Series, then combine them with the proven qualities of a Q-Series and the result is the V-Series: a mid-sized line array suitable for any sound genre. The system comprises the V8 and V12 loudspeakers supported by a dedicated V subwoofer which incorporates the d&b patented passive cardioid technology.

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The d&b audiotechnik White range:

The d&b White range is designed for visual, physical, acoustical and electrical integration into permanently installed applications. Click the image for more details.

The d&b audiotechnik B4-SUB The B4-SUB realizes d&b audiotechnik’s patented design of a unique cardioid technique using only one amplifier channel following on from the introduction of CSA (cardioid subwoofer array) techniques to their products early in 2004. Then the approach used a combination of stacking standard loudspeakers with specific amplifier configurations which proved both effective and consistent and was followed by the introduction of both the J-SUB and J-INFRA cardioid subwoofers using front and rear radiating drivers powered by separate amplifier channels. In 2008 d&b perfected and patented the ‘Loudspeaker system with reduced rear sound radiation’ which in turn led to the development of the B4 subwoofer.

The d&b audiotechnik T-Series. One loudspeaker. Dual functionality.

The T-Series is intentionally designed to address an extremely wide range of small to medium sized applications from multiple cabinet line arrays through to single standalone loudspeakers for deployment in locations sharing the same fundamental requirements, to achieve precise control of directivity and maintain this to the lowest possible frequency. A combination of techniques is used; dipolar low frequency driver arrangements, low compression venting with high excursion drivers and a unique combination of a rotatable waveguide horn and acoustic lens. The unobtrusive visual design, compact dimensions, light weight, high power and exemplary directivity performance not only embodies the d&b System reality but makes the T-Series loudspeakers the perfect option for speech and music.

d&b’s T-Series, one for all with two in one.


Sales news…

Grand  Canal Theatre

Dublin’s brand new venue for the performing arts opened it’s doors on Thursday March 18th 2010 with a dazzling production of Swan Lake by the Russian State Ballet.

The venue was first proposed 8 years ago in discussions between Dublin Dockland Development Authority (DDDA) who were seeking an iconic building for Grand Canal Square, and Mike Adamson of Live Nation who longed for a venue suitable for touring theatrical productions. DDDA commissioned world-famous architect Daniel Liebskind to design the venue, and construction began in 2007.

The 2,111 seat theatre mixes the traditional with modern technology. With a sound system design by Arup Acoustics, system integrator LSI Projects contacted MOSCO to supply the specified d&b audiotechnik sound equipment, and LSI’s project manager Jakub Krzeminski and his team installed the system starting in August 2009. The main system consists of d&b Qi1 and QiSUB arrays, with Qi10s for the stalls area, all concealed in the proscenium. 30 d&b E3 loudspeakers are distributed around the auditorium as under-balcony delays and box fills. A further 7 E3s are installed in the lip of the stage as front fills. The system is driven by d&b D12 and D6 amplifiers, and the entire system is easily controlled from FOH on a PC running d&b’s R1 Remote Software.

Kevin McGing of MOSCO was on hand with technical support during the installation, and was also engaged by the Russian State Ballet’s production manager Kim Robinson to mix sound for the opening show. MOSCO’s Neumann KM184’s were used on the RTE Concert Orchestra with superb results, ‘..after the indignities of Dublin’s commercial venues, the acoustics here are impeccable. The RTÉ Concert Orchestra can rarely have sounded so vital. It was tempting, at times, to close eyes and simply listen to Tchaikovsky’s score..’ wrote the Irish Independent.

Wexford Arts Centre

In the course of it’s 35th anniversary, Wexford Arts Centre recently installed a new state-of-the art sound system. This beautiful and intimate facility in Wexford’s historic Cornmarket area is Ireland’s oldest and very first arts centre, and features gallery, studio and main auditorium spaces, as well administration and a buzzing café. Following discussions with technician Ollie Dempsey and theatre director Elizabeth Whyte, Mick O’Gorman of MOSCO designed a system based around d&b audiotechnik and Yamaha products.

FOH sound is provided by two d&b E12 loudspeakers, with E15X SUBs for low end. On stage, d&b MAX12 monitors provide foldback. All loudspeakers are powered by d&b D6 amplifiers, and the entire system is networked using d&b R1 remote software, which allows for monitoring of the system, and provides easy access to the D6’s built-in DSP functions including delay and EQ.

At the mix position, the Yamaha LS9-32 is ideal, packing 32 inputs with powerful audio mixing into a compact frame size. Safety announcements are played directly from the console, using the Yamaha’s USB facility. MOSCO’s Kevin McGing was on hand to assist with the installation and also to provide on-site training in both LS-9 and R1 operations. The system was fully commissioned in plenty of time for the Arts Centre’s busy Autumn – Winter programme.

Photos: Paul Lynch


Gleeson Hall – DIT Kevin St.

We recently supplied sound equipment to the newly refurbished Gleeson Hall at Dublin Institute of Technology’s Kevin St. campus. Used for a variety of purposes, but primarily by DIT’s Conservatory of Music and Drama, the hall underwent major refurbishment in late 2008, and needed a sound system worthy of the fabulous new facility. DIT’s Ben Rawlins contacted MOSCO, and a system based around d&b’s new E-Series was specified. Being a wide but relatively shallow space, E12-D loudspeakers were installed for their 110 degree horizontal dispersion. E8 loudspeakers serve as stage monitors, but can easily be used for additional FOH reinforcement. d&b D6 amplifiers are installed to power everything. In addition, MOSCO supplied a Midas Venice 240 mixing console, as well as outboard equipment including Midas SQ1 Dynamics and EQ, and a Yamaha SPX2000 digital multi – FX unit.


The Purty Loft, Dun Laoghaire

Dublin pro – audio company Archetype Audio recently installed a new sound system at legendary Dublin venue The Purty Loft. Archetype’s Jonathan Ford specified a d&b audiotechnik Qi Series system with a Yamaha LS9-16 digital console, all supplied by MOSCO.

Given the low ceiling height in the room, Qi7s flown in horizontal orientation were ideal, and low end is supplied by four Qi-SUBs. The system is powered by d&b D6 amplifiers. Jonathan had extensive experience with d&b Q-Series, so the install version (Qi Series) was his logical choice for this project. In addition, the Yamaha LS9 was the perfect console, as it packs a lot of features into a very compact frame. The Purty features an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, Irish traditional and folk music, and is a key location during Dun Laoghaire’s annual Festival Of World Cultures, so the compact, high-output system from d&b will be a welcome addition to the venue. And visiting the Archetype Audio staff on-site during the install was a misty-eyed Kevin McGing from MOSCO Sales, who began his audio career as house engineer in the very same building all of 17 years previously!


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